(AY 2019-20)

All faculty members are encouraged to engage themselves actively in Research activities as well as pursue their higher education such as Ph.D. To foster and to encourage Research and Consultancy activities, the Institute has devised the following policy.

  1. Faculty members who have completed one year of uninterrupted service with the Institute and who have registered for their Ph.D. degree at a recognized University can avail paid Study Leave up to 24 working days per calendar year (normally 2 days per month) during their Ph.D. registration period (limited to maximum 5 years) as per institute’s leave policy
  2. Such faculty members are expected to utilize their Study Leave for undertaking research at the University approved research centers, visiting other research organizations in connection with their Ph.D. work, attending conferences/workshops, presenting their research papers and for allied activities.
  3. Institute shall support 50% of the expenses (up to maximum of Rs. 10,000/- per year) for registration, travel, stay, food etc. for presenting research paper at reputed National/International conferences, workshops, seminars and related events along with appropriate number of Duty Leave/ Study Leave as applicable.
  4. To avail these facilities, faculty member has to make sure that the academic and other commitments at the Institute are fulfilled in prior and no cancellation/rescheduling of theory/laboratory classes are required. As far as possible, Study Leave should be taken during the semester break or during the vacation period.
  5. Attendance/participation certificates from Research supervisor/ Research Centre/Organizers are to be submitted to the Institute immediately after availing the above facility. Delay/failure to submit such documents may lead marking the leave as Leave without Pay (LWP).
  6. In case of Indian Patent registration, Institute shall support 100% of the registration fee, up to maximum of Rs. 10,000/- per year. However, for filing International patent, prior approval of the management is required.
  7. In case of Indian Copyright, Institute shall support 50% of the registration fee, up to maximum of Rs. 2,000/- per year. However, prior approval of the Principal is required.
  8. Revenue generated through activities by faculty members of the institute through consultancy projects/trainings will be distributed after excluding all expenses. Based on utilization of institute resources and duty leave availed balance amount will be shared as follows, subject to prior approval of the Principal.
    1. Neither Institute resources utilized, nor duty leave availed; Faculty share – 80%, Institute share – 20%
    2. Either Institute resources utilized, or Duty leave availed; Faculty share – 70%, Institute share – 30%
    3. Institute resources utilized, and Duty leave availed; Faculty share – 50%, Institute share – 50%.
  9. Institute shall support 50% of the expenses (per year maximum up to Rs. 2,000/- equivalent of Indian currency) for recognized Online Certification Courses (e.g., Coursera, MIT OCW, NMEICT, NPTEL, SWAYAM, Udemy, Udacity etc.). Minimum duration of these courses must be 20 hours.
  10. Institute shall support 50% of the expenses (per year maximum up to Rs. 2,000/- equivalent of Indian currency) for recognized Professional Body Membership such as IEEE, IETE, Indian Science Congress, ACM, CSI etc.
  11. Prior written approval from the Principal is must for availing the above facilities.