Capacity Building

PPCRC’s core areas of operation are Research & Development, Capacity Building, Software Development & Consulting. We offer capacity building and consultancy solutions to various academic, industrial, governmental and international agencies in the areas of Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing & GIS applications in Urban Planning & Management, Urban Disaster Risk Reduction & Management, Ionospheric Modelling, Space Weather, GNSS, Web GIS, Open GIS etc. We also offer customized courses training based on the specific requirements by mapping the best domain experts across the globe. We can provide the key resource personal for trainings such as Technial Courses
1 AWS cloud practitioner, solution architect
2 Geoinformatics
3 Full stack Software development
4 Mobile App development
5 Basics of AI
6 Conversational AI Management related courses
1 Process Improvement
2 Workplace organization and 5S
3 Quality Measurement & Benchmarking
4 Quality Management and Improvement
5 Supply Chain Management
6 Leadership and Management of Change
7 Human Resource Management
8 Competency Management in Health care.
9 Planning & budgeting.
10 Capacity Constraint Planning
11 Six sigma and LEAN