The Center of Excellence in Geoinformatics is an initiative aimed at promoting education, research and support services for Information Communication Technology (ICT) enablement of Geospatial applications using open source solutions. Its main efforts are geared towards increasing awareness, understanding, appreciation, and application of Geospatial solutions using a participatory and community-driven approach. Center of Excellence in Geoinformatics was inaugurated by Prof Venkatesh Raghavan, who is one of the founding members of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) at I2IT campus. Center is focused on various facets of Geoinformation technology and systems in the form of research, outreach, and consultancy. The research activities in the center are in the form of community development projects and sponsored projects by national & international funding agencies. Faculty members from all departments of the institute such as Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology are associated with the center for the promotion of interdisciplinary research for sustainable development.


Our Center of Excellence in Geoinformatics is focused on sponsored research projects in indigenous development of regional TEC mapping across ASEAN region using GNSS stations and Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for smart civic services. We are currently working with government agencies like the Department of Science & Technology (Government of India) as well as multinational companies like Tom Tom India Private Limited.

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Board Objectives

The Center of Excellence activities will be focused on:
» Co-creation and sharing of knowledge of ICT and Geospatial solutions using Open Source principles.
» Integration and use of Open Source principles & Geospatial solutions to help improve the quality of life and build local communities that are pro-active.
» Provide consulting, and deployment in Geospatial solutions based on Open Source Software, Open Data, and Open Standards.
» Capacity building through awareness programs, training, workshops, teacher training workshops, consulting, exhibitions, and outreach programs.
» Implement innovative Geospatial software solutions for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for diverse needs.


Sr. No. Name of the Project Partner Name of the Funding Agency Investigator Amount Sanctioned (Lakhs) Duration of Project
1 Development of Near Real-Time Regional TEC Mapping at Low-Latitude ASEAN Region Using GNSS Stations University Kebangsaan Malaysia and Asian Institute of Technology Thailand ASEAN-India Science & Technology Development Fund Dr. V Rajesh Chowdhary, PI 30.27 2019-21
2 Service Oriented Participatory Platform for Local SDI: Smart Civic Services for Second Tier Cities in Thailand and India IT Bombay and Naresuan University & University of Phayao, Thailand Dept. of Science & Technology Dr. V Rajesh Chowdhary, CO-PI 10.95 2019-present
3 Tori Validator, Editor & Alignment - Tom Tom India Pvt Ltd Dr. V Rajesh Chowdhary, PI - 2019-21

Development of near real-time regional TEC mapping at low-latitude Asean region using GNSS stations

Space weather which is governed by solar activities is the key cause of the Sun-Earth interaction system. The Sun-Earth interaction significantly affects the magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere system leading to diverse physical phenomena. Solar eruptions caused due to magnetic activities of the sun, propagate through interplanetary space and interact with the terrestrial magnetosphere consequently affecting the near–Earth space environment and the upper atmosphere. The earth’s ionosphere is highly affected by the space weather events such as Coronal mass ejections, geomagnetic storms, solar winds, and solar flares.The Proposed research aims to investigate the behavior & impact of geomagnetic storms on GNSS across the southeast Asian region and to evaluate the GPS positioning error on L1-band during space weather events by developing a model for near real-time regional TEC mapping across the region. Funding Agency: Asean India Science, Technology & Innovation Cooperation, Government of India.
PI : Dr. V Rajesh Chowdhary, Associate Professor, I2IT Pune
Co-PI: Prof Nitin Kumar Tripathi, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Co-PI: Prof Mardina Abdullah, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Proposal submitted jointly by Indian, Thai & Malaysian counter parts.
Grant : INR 30.27 Lakhs (2019-2021)

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Service Oriented Participatory Platform for Local SDI Smart Civic Services for Second Tier Cities in Thailand and India

The maturing of geospatial technologies and penetration of Internet and GPS-enabled mobile devices offers tremendous possibilities in deploy Societal GIS applications and services in improving access to civic amenities in both urban and rural areas. The recent advances in Open Source Software, availability of Open Data, and maturing of Open Geospatial Standards affords a distinct possibility for deploying robust and scalable solutions even in second tire towns and cities in developing economies such as Thailand and India. This project seeks to leverage Free and Open Geospatial Solutions for Geoinformatics FOSS4G to deploy a Geospatial platform for civic services focussing on crucial issues such as waste collection, maintenance of rural roads, and optimizing emergency medical services. Funding Agency: International Cooperation (Bilateral) Scheme: Thailand; Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.
PI : Dr. Surya Durbha, Associate Professor, IIT Bombay
Co-PI: Dr. V Rajesh Chowdhary, Associate Professor, I2IT Pune
Proposal submitted jointly by Indian and Thai counterparts.
Grant : INR 10.95 Lakhs (2019-2022)

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Tori Editor , Realignment , Shifting & Validator

TomTom is the leading independent location technology specialist, shaping mobility with highly accurate maps, navigation software, real-time traffic information, and services. In this consultancy project 20 students from I²IT are participating for validating, realignment, editing various locations/countries which are finally integrated and deployed in TomTom Map.The prime objective was to recruit students to perform mini-jobs and to learn the real-life application of Geographic Information System (GIS), the students became aware of the need for an always updated map, as well as the complexities associated with keeping the map up to date
PI : Dr. V Rajesh Chowdhary, Associate Professor, I2IT Pune

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