Development of Market Research Platform for Healthcare Industry

Codex Project

Project Details


Codex Solutions Pvt. Ltd provides comprehensive insights to hospitals and enables them to accommodate high-quality care for their patients at optimal costs. Codex is dedicated to the development and identification of innovative ideas to tackle the various problems in healthcare. I2IT and Codex inked an agreement for a consultancy project on the development of a market research platform for the healthcare industry.


1. To develop a cloud-based med-tech sourcing system platform
2. To develop a client website and admin portal for the platform
3. To develop a mobile app for the platform


Dr. V Rajesh Chowdhary, Head – Research & Development, and Mr. Siddharath Shankar, CTO, Codex GPO are leading the project from the institute & industry side correspondingly. Under this project, Dr. V Rajesh has built and manage the entire technical team of developers and quality assurance engineers for product development and post-launch support.

Funding Agency

Project Team

Lead PI Dr.V Rajesh Chowdhary,
Mr. Sameer Mamdapure,
Mr. Sushrut Joshi, Mr. Nikhil Kothari
Mr. Pujendra, Mr. Aditya Lolge
Ms. Isita Rai, Ms. Kritika Singh

International Institute Of Information Technology